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From Good Vibrations to World Cup Victory

by Paul Feeney

A nostalgic look back at 1966, an iconic year in an incredible decade.

Paperback book (with illustrations)

Also available to download as an ebook from most online booksellers.

#1 Bestseller - Amazon’s Hot New Releases in History References / Genealogy. March 2016


1966 was an iconic year in an incredible decade. The Beatles were at the height of their fame, programmes such as Ready Steady Go! and Top of the Pops dominated the television screen, and England won the World Cup in nail-biting fashion against West Germany at Wembley. For those of us who were around during this incredible year it still seems like yesterday. But now, fifty years later, this collection of memories by bestselling author Paul Feeney will be enjoyed by anyone who lived through 1966.

ISBN-10: 0750968281
ISBN-13:  978-0750968287
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
174 x 111mm, 224 pages
Language: English
Publication date: 7 July 2016

All good bookshops including W H Smith & Waterstones, and all online booksellers including Amazon. Also available to download as an ebook from online booksellers.

"We didn't spend the whole year in a state of football frenzy, half the year dreaming of winning the World Cup and the other half celebrating England's win. In 1966 we were smack bang in the middle of the Swinging Sixties and there was a great deal going on at the time, and it's all here in this book." - Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney Author