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A 1960s Childhood
From Thunderbirds to Beatlemania

by Paul Feeney

A nostalgic look at what it was like to grow up in Britain in the 1960s.

Paperback book (with illustrations)

Also available to download as an ebook from most online booksellers.

Top 5 Bestseller - Amazon Non-fiction.
Spring 2011

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Spring 2011

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Spring 2011 / Dec 2012 / Jan 2013

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Do you remember Beatlemania? Radio Caroline? Mods and Rockers? The very first miniskirts? Then the chances are you were born in or around 1960. To the young people of today, the 1960s seems like another age. But for those who grew up in this decade, school life, 'mod' fashions and sixties pop music are still fresh in their minds. From James Bond to Sindy dolls and playing hopscotch in the street, life was very different to how it is now. After the tough and frugal years of the fifties, the sixties was a boom period, a time of changed attitudes and improved lifestyles. With chapters on home and school life, games and hobbies, music and fashion, alongside a selection of charming illustrations, this delightful compendium of memories will appeal to all who grew up in this lively era. Take a nostalgic look at what it was like to grow up during the sixties and recapture all aspects of life back then.

ISBN-10: 0752450123
ISBN-13:  978-0752450124
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Format: Paperback, 174 x 111mm, 240 pages
Language: English
Publication date: 12 February 2010

All good bookshops including W H Smith & Waterstones, and all online booksellers including Amazon. Also available to download as an ebook from online booksellers.


"If you grew up in the Swinging Sixties, you’ll love Paul Feeney’s A 1960s Childhood."
Yours Magazine, 23rd Feb ’10.

"The author captures the atmosphere and 'furniture' of the Sixties to perfection, even recreating a typical family Christmas of the time. Whether you were a child or an adult in that most eventful decade, this excellent book, with charming black and white illustrations, will throw up lots of talking points."
This England magazine, Summer 2010 edition.

Amazon Reviews: “Thanks for the memories - A wonderful trip down memory lane - Excellent read - Perfect memory jogger - Recalling thousands of happy memories - Brilliant book - Fabulous book - Five stars - Great read - Good, didn’t want to leave it down - Brill - Husband and I love this book - Excellent book, packed with memories - Loved it!”

Paul Feeney Author